About us

On 20th August 2020 was found the Association for Stroke and Aphasia in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Association for Stroke and Aphasia (AIA) carries out its activities in public benefit, for stroke victims and their families in the fight against the consequences and challenges of stroke. The mission of the AIA is to reduce the severity and consequences of strokes in Bulgaria through more effective prevention, better treatment and long-term support for stroke survivors.

Aims of the Association for Stroke and Aphasia:

  1. To provide full opportunities for training and activities for stroke survivors for their physical, mental and emotional development.
  2. To create an adequate environment for stroke survivors and their families, whicworks to guarantee support h will enrich and make their lives full.
  3. To work for providing an accessible environment for the disabled to all public places.
  4. To reduce the absolute number of strokes in Bulgaria by 10%.
  5. To build and certify special centres/ stroke units in hospitals for first aid of 90% of patients with stroke in the ical critinitial phase.
  6. To support and activate National Sroke Action Plan
  7. To build and implement a strategy for prevention and education of the society about the consequences of stroke by promoting healthy life style, application of information technology for self-analysis and recognition of symptoms and reduction of factors causing stroke, such as the environment / including cleaner air / , socio-economic and level of education of the population.