В Седмицата на информираността за мозъка, 13 – 19 март, отново се фокусираме върху значението на изследванията при инсулт


This year, we highlight three EU-funded research projects we are involved in that are developing innovative solutions to improving stroke care.


Targeted treatment using microbots

Learn more about this exciting research and listen to their latest podcast https://youtu.be/MsTSCR-V3Ps


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The project is funded by the European Commission under the Grant Agreement number 952152.



Using digitisation and artificial intelligence to revolutionise healthcare

RES-Q+ is a new project which will use artificial intelligence (AI) in the fight against stroke in Europe.


It will improve the quality of care for stroke patients, save patients’ lives, reduce healthcare costs and increase the economic and social benefit to stroke survivors.

This will be done by:

·       creating a fully automated tool for obtaining and processing data

·       evaluating data and providing feedback to care providers through artificial intelligence-based virtual assistants that can target problem areas

·       creating virtual assistants for stroke patients that will monitor their condition.

Listen to Professor Robert Mikulik, MD, Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic talk about RESQ+ youtu.be/fLoCF-j6xSM

Find out more or visit www.resqplus.eu/

The project is funded by a grant provided by the EU under the European Commission’s HORIZON EUROPE research and innovation support programme. Project Number 101057603.



Using Artificial Intelligence to improve outcomes for stroke patients

VALIDATE will develop an artificial intelligence- (AI) based prognostic tool for predicting stroke survivor health outcomes after an acute ischemic stroke. A decision support system will provide doctors and healthcare professionals with additional information for choosing the optimal treatment to improve health outcomes and quality of life.


Stroke survivors will be involved in the development and testing of this new prognostic system, making sure it is fit for purpose for both the stroke survivor as well as the clinician. It is hoped that this new tool will have a major impact on improving the outcomes for the millions of people who suffer an ischemic stroke throughout the world.

VALIDATE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777107.

More information can be found at validate-project.eu/