Национална кампания "Всяка минута е ценна!"   WSD2023

     The Association for Stroke and Aphasia launched its national campaign "Every minute is precious! Learn the symptoms of stroke." The initiative is on the occasion of October 29, World Stroke Day. 

     The aim of the campaign is to increase the public's knowledge of stroke symptoms and the correct behavior in their establishment. "This is critical knowledge, the spread of which directly affects the adequate care for victims in the acute phase of the disease. The world experience is enormous. What we can and do is to bring in and adapt the successful models that are proven to work. In turn, as an active patient organization, we strive to build on our local needs in the country", says Dorina Dobreva – President of the Association for Stroke and Aphasia.

     Stroke is the most significant disease in the country and is a major cause of death with statistical indicators that exceed many times those in other European countries. More than 45,000 new cases are registered annually in Bulgaria and more than 1.5 million new cases are registered in Bulgaria. are affected directly or indirectly in our country. Although stroke directly affects only one of the family members, depending on the severity of the disease, everyone's life changes. Caring for a stroke patient requires the mobilization of everyone in a household to meet the basic needs of the patient. 

     The Stroke and Aphasia Association has set as its main goal the reduction of the number of strokes in the country. Working to achieve this task, the campaign of the patient organization on risk factors and their prevention - "Every minute is precious! Learn the symptoms of stroke", has traditionally been widely supported by over 230 of the 260 municipalities located in all 28 districts.  Each of the municipalities contributes to raising awareness about stroke prevention and the opportunities for using the municipal and social services they provide in connection with the disease. The national campaign unites the efforts of the Association for Stroke and Aphasia with those of professional medical organizations in the country, hospital and rehabilitation centers, the Bulgarian Red Cross, a number of business organizations and prominent personalities. Thanks to the partnership of the patient organization with Bulgarian Posts, through their branch network, the prevention of stroke through an information poster with the symptoms of the disease reaches even the smallest settlements (with less than 150 inhabitants).

     The current campaign provides for the broadcast  of a short clip with the symptoms of the disease. The information video is distributed in all metro stations thanks to Sofia Municipality through Metropolitan EAD, as well as in the outlets of the retail chain Fantastico. In the country, thanks to the municipalities – partners of the campaign, the video with the symptoms of stroke will be accessible through video walls, as well as through the local information channels power. 

     A shtender-tristen is provided free of charge to the municipalities that partner with the Association for Stroke and Aphasia for the first time. Within the campaign, the patient organization distributes information leaflets and posters throughout the country. As a sign of support, the illumination of landmark objects in the country in purple (the color of the fight against stroke) is forthcoming. The program includes free examinations organized by medical institutions in the country,  partners of the association in the campaign, as well as various cultural and informational events, including access to support groups for stroke survivors in each of the districts in Bulgaria. The groups are available on the Facebook page of the Stroke and Aphasia Association. 

     The patient organization expresses its huge gratitude to all volunteers and partners of the campaign, as well as to the representatives of the mass media, whose role is invaluable in informing the public about the symptoms of stroke, because every minute is valuable!