Призив на Асоциация за инсулт и афазѝя по повод 14 май – европейският ден на осведоменост за инсулта

On the eve of European and national parliamentary elections, the Stroke and Aphasia Association celebrates the European Stroke Awareness Day with an appeal to politicians: We call on every candidate for the upcoming national and European elections, as well as every Bulgarian for a responsible and committed attitude towards stroke! This call is not an end in itself, but an expression of the patient's voice in Bulgaria, the country with horrific indicators, far exceeding the average for Europe. The country lacks comprehensively coordinated, affordable and quality care for stroke survivors. Bulgaria, where there is no answer to the question why for more than half a century we rank at the highest level in the number of cases and deaths from stroke among European countries. Although on our initiative as early as 2021 Bulgaria has committed to implement the European Stroke Plan, so far there is no national strategic document that structures targeted, clear, transparent, measurable and substantial actions to tackle the problem of stroke in the country. We believe that it is irresponsible and unacceptable to inact for another year, thereby causing 50,000 new Bulgarians suffering that was preventable and curable! As a direct action to structure national measures to combat stroke, to be upgraded by establishing a national plan, we propose the following policies:

  1. Primary prevention and control of risk factors through national screening of endangered groups;
  2. Implementation of programs to limit the impact and prevalence of risk factors such as smoking, obesity, increased blood pressure, etc.;
  3. National program for increasing the health literacy of the population, including the introduction of information for successful organization of a healthy lifestyle among adolescents;
  4. Changing the standards for the permissible amount of salt in products and reducing the amount of salt especially in bread and pasta;
  5. Limiting the distribution of energy drinks, drinks with added substances, etc., as well as the supply of foods with increased carbohydrate content on the territory of schools. Prohibition of the use of such substances on the territory of educational institutions;
  6. Ensuring equal and timely access to modern and quality treatment of the acute phase of stroke. Introduction of a national standard for delivering a stroke patient to a neurological unit for treatment in the acute phase, corresponding to the therapeutic window for modern treatment;
  7. Determining a mechanism for protection of personality rights in the acute phase of stroke, including in persons with pronounced aphasia;
  8. Introduction of a clear protocol in the neurological units for full and timely information of the patient and relatives about the condition, prognosis and the follow-up after discharge;
  9. Regulating access to social support for families who have suffered a stroke in order to adapt the home to ensure quality of life;
  10. Regulating access to assistive devices and specialized transport to the home for cases that are discharged in a severely disabled condition;
  11. Effective monitoring of stroke survivors to prevent a subsequent incident, including improving the control over medications;
  12. Ensuring access to adequate individualized rehabilitation and therapeutic care;
  13. Providing speech rehabilitation with speech therapist-aphasialogist for each diagnosed person at least twice a year, as part of the rehabilitation program of specialized rehabilitation centers;
  14. Providing access to dental care for bedridden patients and disabled people in the home; Provide a clear and accessible authorisation procedure in the interests of stroke survivors. Preparation of an annual analysis of key factors for stroke at municipal, regional and national level;
  15. Statistical reporting of key indicators of stroke in the country;
  16. Guaranteeing the right to a dignified life after a stroke;
  17. Conducting national studies to clarify the causes of stroke in the country. 



We appeal to all stroke survivors, their relatives and caregivers with understanding and care for every life on their knees that can be lived more qualitatively and worthily!