Инициативата "И аз!" гостува в клуба на пенсионера в столичния район Лозенец

Together with our hosts from the pensioner's club in the Lozenets district of the capital, we walked the road to knowledge about stroke. A path that went from smiles, through sadness, optimism and ended with a song.

Our lovely hosts were curious about every aspect of stroke prevention - how to recognize the symptoms correctly, how to handle different life situations when we witness a stroke, how to find support to recover after the accident. Amidst the aroma of mountain tea and delicious homemade cakes, we didn't feel how time flew by...

We finished with an art therapy session prepared by art therapists Evgenia Marincheva and Inna Pavlova.

Soon we hope to be together again, expanding the community family with a support group "Lozenets".